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We Are Kamloops Flat Roofing Specialists.

We work on residential houses and commercial buildings of all sizes. Every flat roof we do is completed with the long-term value of your property in mind. It will protect your building for the decades to come.

Not all flat roofs are created equal though, and not every flat roofing company will provide you with a solid ROI. This is why you need roofers who have the Advanced Level Roofing skills to do the job right the first time. We are the expert flat roofers you want. Our specialized crew will get your installation or repairs done quickly, efficiently, and with zero stress or worry.  Aftermath Roofing brings hard-work, professionalism and 15 years experince to the job. When it comes to flat roofing, we don’t let anything slide.

Kamloops Flat Roofing Company
Kamloops Flat Roofing Specialists.

Flat roof installation consists of putting down multiple layers of water resistant materials.

Interesting fact, flat roofs are not completely flat. They’re often angled slightly to direct water to gutters and downspouts. A strong and sturdy flat roof means you will reduce potential building problems elsewhere.

Re-roofing and roof repairs done today can save even more money in the long run. A durable flat roof will also be more energy efficient which means you can lower your energy consumption and costs. You will also increase the value of your building and give it a nice new modern look and feel. You will better protect your buildings structure, your belongings, inventory, customers, tenants or family.

Do you have a leak or moisture issue? Call Us Now 778 921 0142. Small leaks can quickly cause long-term damage and rot. Need a new roof? Fill out our form to see how Aftermath Roofing Ltd can help protect your property.

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