Takeuchi Equipment

Takeuchi Equipment

5 Advantages To Purchasing Used Takeuchi Equipment

If we were given the opportunity, we would love to purchase all of the construction equipment that we require without having to dip into the used marketplace. Of course, the shiny new toy factors plays into our decision making process when considering Takeuchi equipment. Who wouldn't like a fun new toy to play with?

Those who are more accustomed to frugality will often head in the other direction when it comes to Takeuchi equipment. The costs that are associated with new Takeuchi equipment are not always worth it. That's why we are to provide further insight into these matters and offer this helpful guide to the advantages of used Takeuchi equipment.

1) Decreased Cost

Purchasing new equipment may seem attractive in the short term but what about the long term effects? Why would we place ourselves at risk of experiencing long term effects that we can actually avoid? By purchasing used equipment, we are able to save a sizable amount of money. This is the type of decision that also comes with a ripple effect and there are positive effects that need to be discussed, including....

2) Freeing Up Our Budget

Think about it this way. If we were rooting for our favorite sports team to improve their roster, would we want them to spend all of their valuable resources on one player or would we want them to spread the budget around to obtain multiple useful pieces? The answer here is a simple one and we should always choose the latter option for the long term welfare of our business. Wasting a sizable amount of the budget on one piece of equipment is the last thing that we should want to do.

3) Avoiding Depreciation

We have all heard the saying about how a car will depreciate in value the second that we choose it and drive it off of the lot. This same principle applies to the depreciation of our construction equipment. It may seem fun to purchase a new piece of equipment in the moment but what happens when we turn around to sell it next year and can only obtain a fraction of the original asking price? This is something we need to remember.

4) Greater Freedom of Choice

When we limit our choices to one particular set of equipment, we are eliminating a plethora of useful options. By keeping our options open and allowing ourselves to learn more about the various used Takeuchi equipment that is available to us, we are offering ourselves a far greater freedom of choice. The market for used construction equipment is massive and it is not something that we should ever be turning our backs on.

5) More Flexibility

Let's say that a team only needs a certain piece of equipment for one job and it will have very little long term utility. By choosing used equipment, we offer ourselves a greater level of flexibility. Not only can we save money and receive more choices to select from but we can also flip the piece of equipment once we are finished with it much more easily.

Takeuchi Equipment

Have you considered Takeuchi’s versatile land and vegetation attachments for your next job?

Have you considered Takeuchi's versatile land and vegetation attachments for your next job? Do you need to clear land? Takeuchi has a range of attachments that can help you get the job done. Whether it's mulching, cutting brush, or crushing stone, we can help you find the right attachment for your needs and your machines. With many of Takeuchi's excavators and track loaders, you can use the following Takeuchi land and vegetation attachments. Before using any of Takeuchi's ...

Takeuchi Now Offers Branded Attachments

Takeuchi has partnered with an established attachment manufacturer to offer Takeuchi branded attachments that have a proven quality history. The new line of attachments is for each of their product lines - compact wheel loaders, compact track loaders, and compact excavators. The attachments are broken into five categories: Land and Vegetation Management Construction Management Agriculture Management Snow Removal Brooms Each category has a variety of models depending on your needs and machine type. The Land and Vegetation Management attachments include, Mulchers Stump Cutters Stone Crushers Tree ...
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