Santa Barbara Architects

Santa Barbara Architects

Take your time when hiring Santa Barbara architects; there’s no advantage in rushing your construction project; in fact, trying to hurry the process could result in unforeseen problems along the way. Consult with our team from Ames Peterson International when interviewing architects to complete your home design and build. The choice you make now will have far-reaching impact on your plans. We’ll take all the time you need when you schedule a meeting with our architects, assessing your budget, and helping you create a realistic blueprint for the completion of your dream home.

How to Choose the Right Santa Barbara Architects

1. Establish a great rapport with your potential home builder, ask a lot of questions, listen intently to answers offered, and go with your gut instinct when you find a professional that excels in communication. Without clear communication between you and your architect, you’ll run into multiple issues on the road to your project’s completion.

2. Look for an architect that respects your budget and doesn’t try to talk you into increasing your budget to achieve their goals. At Ames Peterson International, we recognize that our clients rely on us to remain cost-conscious throughout the design and construction phases of their home build; as such, we will pay special attention to materials and subcontracting as your project unfolds. Although all construction projects offer unforeseen complications, we will meet them head-on in a way that is true to our promise to build a cost-efficient home.

3. View photos of past projects to gain a sense of what your home will look like at its completion. Every architect specializes in a particular style of design- we’re no exception at Ames Peterson International. We build timeless homes that reflect the desire of our clients to experience more of the great outdoors from inside their home’s walls, using oversized glass and picture windows and doors to create an indoor-outdoor feel that makes each home appear larger than life.

When you’re ready to sit down with Santa Barbara architects from Ames Peterson International, we’ll be waiting to take your call and set up a time that is convenient for you. Bring your vision to the table and we’ll add our professional insight to collaborate on your dream home. No one architect is right for every design and build project; however, we feel we could be the perfect match for yours- let’s get to know one another better during a face-to-face consultation.

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We welcome you to bookmark our website and return often to look at previous projects we designed and built in California and across the globe. View awards received by our architecture firm and reach out to us with any additional questions. You’ll find our team to be warmly welcoming, exceptionally knowledgeable, and able to make complicated concepts understandable. When the dust clears and you walk through the doors of your new home, you’ll know you made the best decision when you chose us as your architect.

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