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Roofing Chicago

Roofing Chicago

Do you know when it is best to call in the pros to help with roofing in Chicago? Our crew here at JnJ Restoration is available to provide you with high-quality roof maintenance repair in the area when you need it. We are a professional roofing team, and it is our main objective to provide all current and potential customers with easy answers for their roofing needs. Whatever the issue, you can trust us to get the work done the first time correctly. 

When is it Time to Call a Skilled Roofing Team? 

The roof for your home or business is essential and one of the most critical elements. You need to ensure that your roof is in excellent condition so that it protects your interior from wind, rain, and other elements daily. Any roof leaks and damage can bring about the need for mold remediation or water damage restoration. These are some of the main reasons we suggest customers call us for roofing in Chicago: 

  • Notable Ceiling Damage – Should you start to see water stains, it is a good indication that something is going on with the roof. You might have an issue with your gutters, downspouts, flashing, or shingles. If the leak worsens, you will start to see more water damage, which can become costly.
  • Aging Roof – If you happen to have a roof that is around 20 years old, it might be time to think about planning a replacement. Roofs of all kinds generally have a lifespan of 20-25 years, depending on the materials used. Each year that traditional roofs pass the 20-year mark, you are getting closer to notable issues developing.
  • Cracked Shingles – When you start to see cracked or broken shingles, you should be looking into calling someone to address your roofing in Chicago. Having a few cracked shingles may be easy to tackle. However, a lot of damaged shingles mean that you should look into a replacement.
  • Wintertime Ice Dams – Once the temperatures drop in the winter, water and snow can lead to ice dams. If this happens, you are running the risk of water getting under the shingles and causing significant damage.
  • Curling Shingles – A common sign of aging shingles is curling along the edges. Once you start to see this, it is time to call someone for repair or replacement.
  • Mold Development – Mold is known for causing potential health effects, so you never want to have it colonizing inside your home or business. Seeing mold is a sign that water is not draining or a leak somewhere has to get addressed. Should you damage your roof and the water are getting inside, calling the pros will get you the estimate and quality work you need to further protect your building. 

Do you need to talk with someone about concerns you have with your roofing in Chicago? We are always here to assist at JnJ Restoration! Not only are we roofing and siding experts, but we are also available for emergency storm damage repair. Visit us online to tell us about your project, or give us a call at (312) 804-1336 to set up a time for an estimate.

Roofing Chicago

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